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At Den Berk Délice, we strive for innovation and growth in the market. We are a leading company in
fresh produce and are constantly improving our market position. We are looking for a driven Trade Marketer
who can help us analyse market data, identify opportunities and provide strategic insights to strengthen
our sales and marketing team.
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You will collect, analyse and interpret both qualitative as well as quantitative market data to gain in-depth insights into market trends, customer behaviour and competitive position.


You will translate market analyses into strategic recommendations  for the sales and marketing team. These recommendations form the basis for developing effective marketing and sales strategies.


You act as our company’s eyes and ears in the market and are proactive in identifying opportunities and threats. You share these insights with the team to inspire and help them
make informed decisions.


In addition to analysing data, you are able to propose and implement concrete, hands-on solutions to implementation to achieve our objectives. You are not afraid to think out-of-the-box to help us stand out in the market.

What can you expect from us?

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You can work in a growing, Belgian company with an international client portfolio.

You will have the opportunity to develop yourself, both professionally and personally.

You can have a significant impact on our market position and growth with (potential) customers.

Den Berk Délice is firmly established through a years of innovation, research, marketing in a very important and growing category at Retail. This position
ensures partnership and in-depth conversations at all customer levels.


Naturally, this position comes with a nice salary package and other fringe benefits.


Relevant experience or a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Economics or a
related field.


Strong analytical skills and the ability to translate complex market data into practical


Be able to act proactively and hands-on.


Excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate insights

clearly to the team.


Self-motivated and able to work independently within a team.

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