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Meet the growers

4 friends with a shared passion

The origins of Den Berk Délice


Luc Beirinckx, Hans van Gool, Paul van de Mierop and Koen Lauwerysen have known each other for more than 25 years. They initially came into contact in the early 1990s through a study club in the Noorderkempen region, where they were all running horticultural businesses at the time.



"From the very beginning, we hit it off and were in sync. All 4 of us had the same passion and vision: to improve and modernize the tomato range. Focusing on expertise, quality and innovation."


The four entrepreneurs soon started a second study group together, in which they shared all company figures with each other. "Labor, purchasing, marketing, sales: we had no secrets from each other. This was unique, especially in those days. In this way, we were able to further strengthen our businesses, and the mutual bond of trust became stronger and stronger."


Gradually, the collaboration expanded, with the growers starting to arrange their purchasing together, and also making study trips abroad to strengthen their vision and business operations.  In 2014, the entrepreneurs took the next step in cooperation: from then on, the companies - which are no more than a half-hour drive from each other - united under the banner of Den Berk Délice.

Koen Lauwerysen



The relationships with our customers and suppliers are based on the ambition to enhance one another.

Paul Van De Mierop



As a team, we work every day to achieve great results for our customers.

Hans Van Gool



As a team, we work every day to achieve great results for our customers.

Luc Beirnickx



We encourage our employees to develop their talents while respecting each other.

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