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Slogan Your Fresh Retail Partner
Slogan Retail Partner

Your success is essential to our success

Every day we work together as a team to achieve a top result for our customers.

We tailor our offer to demand, strive for the best taste and the highest quality, look for the most sustainable and affordable packaging and invest to work as efficient as possible.
We like to think along on how the presentation in-store should be, what the packaging could look like, what the ideal content is, ...


As a member of Coöperatie Hoogstraten, we work together with various retailers in different countries, which gives us that expertise in terms of shelf layout, promotions, assortment composition, pricing, ... Together with Coöperatie Hoogstraten, we invest a lot in research to find out how the consumer perceives the tomato shelf, why they buy tomatoes and how they use them.
We believe it is important to share this knowledge and experiences with our clients in order to take each other to a higher level. Ultimately, both us and retailer benefit from the product running well in the stores.

And that is where we put our money on!


We're growing retail concepts

We're growing retail concepts

Our tomatoes

Yoom Tomaat
Miss Perfect Tomaat
Kumato Tomaat
Pure Délice Tomaat
Party Délice tomaatjes
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