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Ward De Meester: Team Leader Harvest

In 2022, I graduated from the Agro- and Biotechnology program at Thomas More University College. Through a friend, I found my way to Den Berk Délice, where I transitioned from student life to the working world. In search of a job, I walked into Berkenrijs, one of Den Berk Délice's locations, in early July. During the interview, I got a glimpse into the working life and met my future colleagues. Throughout the introduction, I noticed a positive atmosphere at Den Berk Délice. What stood out to me was that everyone at Den Berk Délice is incredibly passionate about their work. Organizing labor in the greenhouse was particularly appealing to me.

And what struck me even more, within Den Berk Délice, there are only highly passionate people working.

With good spirits but still some stress, I started my first day on August 8th. The stress quickly faded as I realized how well you are guided by your colleagues. In the first few weeks, I got acquainted with various aspects of labor. For example, I learned how to harvest beefsteak tomatoes, prune leaves, clean a row, and manage logistics in the warehouse. Currently, I am still in the training process. In this trajectory, it is essential to first master all aspects yourself before you can train and guide others to perform these tasks perfectly. The most enjoyable aspect of my job is organizing labor and collaborating with multiple individuals to deliver the best quality to customers.

I am happy to contribute to the further development of Den Berk Délice.

As Team Leader Harvest, I am responsible for training and supervising new personnel. Additionally, I inspect the quality of our tomatoes and make forecasts. Making orders for customers is also part of my responsibilities, done in collaboration with the warehouse assistant. As you can see, my job is very diverse.

Due to the good atmosphere within Den Berk Délice, I feel at home and appreciated. I am happy to contribute to the further development of Den Berk Délice and look forward to learning more about the horticultural sector!

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