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Rob Van Puijenbroek: Technician

I have been working as a technician at Den Berk Délice for about six months now. The location where I am most present is Den Berk in Merksplas. As a technician, I am responsible for various technical installations, general maintenance, and repairs to machines, as well as the overall infrastructure. This makes the job highly varied, and every day is different!

This immediately gave me the feeling of together we are strong!

Den Berk Délice was no unfamiliar territory for me, as my better half has been working here for several years. I had also met colleagues on various occasions at different parties.

In March 2022, I received a call from Gert asking if it might be something for me to work at Den Berk Délice. After some time of contemplation, I contacted him again to say that I wanted to take the leap and embark on the new challenge. And so, on July 1, 2022, I had my first working day at Den Berk Délice.

In the first weeks, it was mainly about keeping my eyes and ears open to gather as much information as possible. For me, it was a significant change, as I had worked in the construction sector for years. But thanks to all the colleagues who helped, guided, and pulled me along, everything worked out perfectly! This immediately gave me the feeling that together we are strong! At Den Berk Délice, you are never alone; everyone helps each other where possible! This contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere.

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