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Kristof Rombouts: Purchasing Coordinator

After being active in the animal feed sector for 10 years, I was looking for a new challenge. I am very pleased that I have found it at Den Berk Délice!

I knew Den Berk Délice as a dynamic and fast-growing company with a fresh perspective on things. And that is indeed the case. And so much more! Already during the application process, it was clear: at Den Berk Délice, they want to tackle things thoroughly. They took ample time to get to know me, but also to give me the opportunity to get to know the company. A thorough knowledge of tomato cultivation, data-driven, and very accessible: that's what I remember from the introductory conversations.

In early October, the time had come: I could start the new adventure. With a lot of enthusiasm and determination, I entered the offices. The first weeks were a real rollercoaster: I was immersed in the energy markets and the world of CHPs, I visited the different locations, and was able to familiarize myself with the purchasing process. Moreover, I even had the chance to participate in a foreign visit to get to know the horticulture sector better. Very interesting!

A local company with local talent, we can be proud of that in the Noorderkempen.

Meanwhile, I have been working for a few months, and the job only becomes more enjoyable as I master the subject matter better. No day is the same, especially when you look at the evolution of the energy markets. But that's exactly what I was looking for: the combination of purchasing and monitoring energy positions makes my job very diverse. Meanwhile, new challenges for the company are coming at us rapidly, but thanks to the dedication and accessibility of all colleagues, the organization is agile enough to quickly find solutions.

A local company with local talent, we can be proud of that in the Northern Kempen. Glad that I can contribute and help build the future of Den Berk Délice!

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