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Jules Beirinckx: Team Leader Crop Treatment

From a young age, I was raised among tomatoes on the farm in Noorderwijk. The interest in tomatoes struck me like lightning. It was logical that after my school career, I would work within the company. However, it wasn't entirely clear to me which department I wanted to work in, whether it was cultivation or labor; that remained to be seen. To discover which department appealed to me the most, I had the opportunity to visit various locations. The managers took their time to show what their role entailed and what was expected of them.

The interest in tomatoes struck me like lightning.

After my first visit to one of the Den Berk Délice sites, I immediately noticed how modern, fresh, and young the company is. You can feel that the company is fully engaged in the future. Den Berk Délice always wants to move forward. This mindset motivates the staff to fully commit to it.

Six months ago, I left the school benches and started at the new location Berkenrijs. I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues. I took on the role of labor supervisor. I chose this position because managing and teaching various tasks to the staff appealed to me. Organizing the work and ensuring that everything is done every week gives me a lot of satisfaction. Working with coordinators and working groups related to your specific role makes it very easy to exchange information. If you have a question, problem, or thought, there is always someone who has an answer.

Den Berk Délice is always open to teaching its employees the latest technologies. They do this by offering courses and organizing information days. This aspect also makes it a strong company where time certainly does not stand still.

I am extremely happy that I took the step to strengthen this team, and I am very much looking forward to what the future will bring.

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