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In Addis, many young people live on the streets.

Siddartha wants to overcome this by taking in these young people and giving them back self-discipline and self-confidence.

At Addis Alem, the main focus is on self-confidence and reuniting families. At Andinet, they learn wood or ironworking which will allow them to start working and rebuilding their lives after 2 years. After their training, we continue to follow up with these young people; indeed, we see more than 90% succeed in starting a new life.

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In 2021, our new sorting plant opened in Hoogstraten.

This is completely carbon neutral. It gives us an opportunity to further optimize and digitize. With this new warehouse, there are additional hygiene measures against diseases and viruses.

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Together with Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv.,  we critically examine new packaging. When choosing new packaging, several aspects are important.


We want to have as little impact on the environment as possible. That's why we prefer materials in our packaging that are easy to recycle. We reduce the plastic in the packaging as much as possible and make sure that we only use cardboard that is FSC certified.


In addition, it is essential that our packaging ensures that the shelf life of the product is extended. In this way, we can reduce food waste through spoilage.


In addition, it is important that there is as little transportation involved as possible. Packaging has an impact on this as well. How does the package fit optimally into the box? The more optimized, the more tomatoes can be transported at one time.


Customer convenience is certainly a must-have. Making it as simple as possible is also one of the aspects we consider when creating our new packaging.


We invest in sustainable innovations. On the one hand, we are investing in LED lighting. This means we get more illumination at lower energy consumption. In other words, for the same production, we need less energy.


In addition, we also use AR and diffuse glass. By using a different type of glass in our greenhouses, more light enters them, which means the light that comes in gets distributed more so it can be better absorbed by the plant. This ensures more production, without the extra addition of energy, water, nutrients etc.


All the water that falls on our greenhouses is collected in tanks. These are normally large enough to provide a year-round supply of rainwater to the plants. The water that the plants do not absorb is cleaned through heat so that it can be reused.


We also want to continue to grow as an inclusive company at our own locations.


So this year, for the third time in a row, we were presented with the ‘Attest Inclusief ondernemen (Certificate of Inclusive Entrepreneurship)’ from the Werkplekarchitecten (independent, not-for-profit organizations that operate under their own names in the areas of training, coaching and mentoring in and out of the workplace).


With the further rollout of our customized reception policy, the first steps in a language support plan (language app, Dutch lessons on the shop floor and the active use of job and language coaching) and the training and support of all our managers in working with a diverse public etc. we also want to continue working on these objectives in 2022.

By focusing on a sustainable career policy, we also want to make our contribution in a rapidly evolving labor market.

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