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Joyce Vriends: Responsible administration

After several years working in disability care, I noticed that it was time for something new, a new challenge. The main triggers to look for a new job were the shifts and weekend services. Loes informed me that there was a job opening for an administrative supervisor. When reading the job description, I noticed that some of my personal strengths matched the required qualities for the job. Knowledge of the job was not present, but I still took the leap, with my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn as strong points.

Knowledge of the job was not present for me, but I still took the leap.

During the job interviews, I noticed the enthusiasm and passion within the company. This made my desire to secure the job even greater. I also realized that my lack of knowledge about the job wouldn't necessarily be a hindrance. On my first day at Den Berk Délice, I was warmly welcomed, even though it was a very busy period due to the crop change. An introductory meeting was held with the planning for the first weeks and the necessary practical information. After that, I had conversations with the company managers. Each of them explained their part of the entire process with a lot of passion. As a tomato novice, these were very interesting conversations, and I learned that a tomato is not just a tomato, but that there is a lot involved. Thanks to the impeccable and modern infrastructure, I come to work with full enthusiasm.

Due to circumstances, my start was a plunge into the deep. I was well supported by colleagues from other locations, and regular check-ins ensured everything was going well. Because it wasn't a normal start, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my independence and willingness to succeed. I was not left to my own devices and could turn to various people. It quickly became apparent that there is room for development in the future and that opportunities could be offered to enhance my knowledge.

Everyone was cheerful, and there was no mention of job levels.

During an introduction day, I joined the new hires of that month. It was a very enjoyable and educational day where you get to know other people in an easy-going way. There, and on my first days, I noticed that there is a great diversity of people within Den Berk Délice, all with the same goal and passion.

Because Den Berk Délice is a large company with different locations, you don't know everyone. But there is a certain sense of connection. I had just started on my location in time to participate in the annual BBQ. For me, it was a moment when I truly felt 'at home' and realized that it was one cheerful group of colleagues. Everyone was cheerful, and there was no mention of job levels.

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