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Caro Ooms: Marketeer

Achievement-oriented. Extroverted. Sociable. Perseverant. Independent. Decisive. Punctual. This is me, that's how I describe myself.

2021, the year in which many doors opened to a bright future. I graduated with honors as a Marketer from Karel de Grote University College in Antwerp. I was quite confident, 'I am ready for the real life.' Throughout the year, I came into contact with Den Berk Délice. A growing company with a lot of possibilities. And yes, the decision was quickly made.

September 27, 2021, my first working day (of many more to come). With a healthy dose of stress, I walked up the beautiful greenhouse stairs. It quickly became clear to me that this would be my second home. With a bunch of great colleagues, beautiful locations, and a handful of new opportunities, I was ready for the new chapter in my life.

Prestatiegericht. Extravert. Sociaal. Doorzettingsvermogen. Zelfstandig. Daadkrachtig. Stipt.

Marketing in the tomato world? Yep, it's becoming increasingly important at Den Berk Délice. And I can say that after a few months, I've got the hang of promoting tomatoes.

My tasks? Simply put, anything related to social media, communication, and events. My creative side and cooking skills should definitely not be overlooked in this job. (By the way, have you ever tried making a dish with our Miss Perfect?)

Our goal? Show consumers, both offline and online, what we stand for and convince them of our tastiest flavor tomato.

And have I already expanded my knowledge? Absolutely! I've already learned to work with various Adobe programs, and social media has hardly any secrets left for me.

And I can say that after a few months, I've got the hang of promoting tomatoes.

I haven't thought wrong, by the way. After being in action for half a year, I have truly found my place here. Thanks to my very social nature and always cheerful mood, I feel great within the marketing and sales team. My visits to the various locations are always highly appreciated.

Well, enough writing for now. I'm going to take some more photos, write some posts, and maybe even cook an extra dish with our Miss Perfect Délice! Start getting excited...

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