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Arne Wynants: Responsible Cultivation

After obtaining my degree in Bio-Engineering in 2021 and completing an Educational Master's in 2022, I embarked on the journey to find a job. It was crucial for me to find a position with a good balance between office work and hands-on activities. I contacted and considered various companies, but it was at a job fair that Den Berk Délice captivated me. They shared their story, and subsequent meetings were quickly scheduled. They instilled enough confidence in me, and with a positive feeling, I became the Responsible Cultivation Manager at Den Berk Délice.

Several companies were contacted and considered, but at a job fair, I was charmed by Den Berk Délice.

From the first day, I was warmly welcomed by colleagues, and they provided me with enough time and challenges to learn. It was not always easy to translate the knowledge from a theoretical education into practice, but I was well-supported by colleagues and mentors. My daily task mainly involves observing the condition of the plants. Are they strong or weak, more vegetative or generative? This is done by visually inspecting the plants and taking plant measurements. Additionally, analyzing the climatic conditions in the climate computer is crucial. From this analysis, correlations can be made to understand why the plants are in a certain condition, and if necessary, adjustments can be made to the greenhouse climate. I am still learning how to achieve an ideal climate by making adjustments in the climate computer.

The young team I joined has a positive atmosphere and group dynamics where everyone is eager to learn from each other.

In addition to the practices essential for cultivation, they are also teaching me the labor procedures, providing a comprehensive understanding of the operations in the greenhouse. I am also gaining knowledge about energy, which has become a significant challenge in the past year considering the current energy crisis. It is crucial to assess how much energy the cultivation minimally requires and how to maximize energy retention in the greenhouse.

In the young team I joined, there's a good atmosphere and group dynamics where everyone can and wants to learn from each other. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their own ideas and suggestions. This made the transition from the school benches to the work life smooth.

In summary, a job as Responsible Cultivation provides enough variety, making it a daily challenge to create the best possible climate for cultivation. There is still a long way to go in my training before mastering everything. This will happen step by step, but I am confident that it will work out well because at Den Berk Délice, it's about growing together.

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