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Anke Maes: Coordinator Talent & Training

In 2009 I was introduced to the tomato sector for the first time. It wasn't at Den Berk Délice yet, but with the neighbors across the street. I started working with coaching and training of supervisory team leaders within the cultivation sector. There was a clear connection from the start. The respect for the employees and the uniqueness of the sector only grew in the coming years. The network of 'my tomato farmers' remained active and expanding. This is how I ended up in-house as a trainer/coach.

The network of 'my tomato farmers' remained active and continued to grow.

It was the organization's commitment to actively and consciously focus on a well-supported personnel policy for a very diverse and dynamic team that led me to make the move to Den Berk Délice in January 2021.

Supporting individuals and organizations to make a difference in their training or growth has always been the common thread throughout my career. First in social work, then in a more active role as a trainer, coach, or external process facilitator at I-Diverso. In my role as HR Coordinator at Den Berk Délice, I now leverage this experience to shape tailored personnel policies together with and as a backup for the team.

Drive, passion, and a hunger for knowledge and support: are words that best describe the team for me.

The foundation of the policy took shape in 2021, and the first concrete steps were taken. In 2022, further adjustments are being made to the implementation and visibility. Not only at the management level but on all work floors, at all locations. The broader implementation of the onboarding process, the further development of training and language policies, making expectations, roles, and career paths within the organization visible... These are just a few examples.

This is an ambitious plan, and the challenges are still significant, but I am proud of the team I have joined. The openness and willingness to work together are significant.

Passion, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge and support are words that best describe the team for me.

Seeing, acknowledging, and growing in communication with each other is my wish for everyone for this new year :) Here's to a fantastic continuation...

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