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The retailpartner for tasty tomatoes

In 2014, 4 top Belgian growers decided to join forces. They combined their experience, know-how and expertise for a single approach to the customer. 

And with great success. Initially coming into being out of genuine friendship and a shared drive and ambition, Den Berk Délice has acquired a comprehensive perspective of the sector thanks to the strength and purpose that have come from it. This has provided space to both scale up and specialize.

With our experience in the world of tomatoes, as well as extensive research into concepts and packaging, we can venture as far as describing ourselves as a professional partner for the retail sector. With a focus on working together with the retail sector for an optimal return, we stack tomato shelves with consumer-oriented concepts we have created and strive to fill in gaps in product range. 

Den Berk Délice is a proud grower of Coöperatie Hoogstraten.

This organization is responsible for the sale of Den Berk Délice products.

Snacktomatoes in greenhouse

Our tasty tomatoes

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