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Wout Roovers: Coordinator Sales

Monday, September 6, 2021, Putten 19-21, Hoogstraten. Climbing that beautiful greenhouse staircase for the first time. Of course, we were excited. Healthy nervousness too. Leaving the familiar safe harbor, the beginning of a new journey... It meant something to me. After 20 years seasoned as a salesperson in the wonderful world of exotic fruits, strawberries, asparagus, ... ready for our tomato adventure at Den Berk Délice.

A bit of an Einstein brain as well, so much new information.

The first weeks quickly taught me that I had ended up in a special environment. A bit of an Einstein-brain as well, so much new information. Fortunately, we were not left on our own; all colleagues across the various locations took the time to explain their part of the process. A warm environment with a lot of enthusiasm.

Soon, terms like ToBRFV, gas prices, leaf pruning, cherry cluster, axiany... became part of my vocabulary. Despite my experience in fruits and vegetables, I was daily surprised by the complexity of tomato cultivation, the work, and the knowledge that comes with it. Our tomato is not just a tomato; there is craftsmanship and passion, a lot of passion, behind it.

Our tomato is not just a tomato; there is craftsmanship and passion, a lot of passion, behind it.

Everything related to sales is where my passion lies, and, of course, that passion extends to our tomatoes. Paul, Loes, and the entire team quickly immersed me in the story—a compelling narrative built on data to develop an excellent concept for our retail partners. It's new to me, but incredibly fascinating and educational. Important partnerships have been formed through our taste days, monthly quarterly meetings, and the trade fair in Madrid. In the coming months, we'll be touring Europe in our tomato bus.

Yes, I feel completely at home now, embracing the Den Berk DNA. With confidence and our characteristic passion, we are ready to go all out to get our delicious tomatoes on shelves everywhere.

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